Terms and Conditions
At Skills Campus we want to deal with you in a professional, and straightforward manner. Below are our standard policies and operating procedures. 

1. Withdrawal, Transfer, Cancellation and Refunds  
1.1. Skills Campus reserves the right to withdraw a learner from a course for the following reasons:
is unduly disruptive or unruly during classes;
is in possession of alcohol or offensive weapons on Skills Campus premises;
has been involved in any form of harassment whether sexual or otherwise. The harassment could be verbal, visual, or behavioural in nature which is offensive and unwelcome;
copies software or data onto Skills Campus computers without authority or virus checking;  
uses illegal or unlicensed software;
downloads offensive, pornographic or music, games, movies, or any form of virus or hacking software material;
has been caught cheating during exams; removes equipment from Skills Campus premises without authority;
has been involved in a breach of NZ Law e.g., possession of drugs.
In these cases, there is no refund of any fees.

1.2. Skills Campus is not responsible for any changes in personal circumstances. We will not be held liable for any unforeseen changes in circumstances once the learner is enrolled and course materials have been accepted at the requested address. In these circumstances, an extension may be offered to allow additional time for completion. Any requests for refunds on these grounds will be declined.  

1.3. Skills Campus reserves the right to postpone or reschedule an offline, blended, or hybrid course without notice. In such event, Skills Campus will contact the learner as soon as the change is known to organise new dates or a course transfer. Skills Campus will use all reasonable endeavours to avoid changes of this nature. For any courses that are rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances (such as trainer sickness or low course attendance), every endeavour will be made to provide a replacement trainer or to reschedule the course and we will offer learners a variety of options to pursue their training programme.  

1.4. If the learner feels they have chosen the wrong course and wishes to change it to another course, the learner will need to contact Skills Campus and work through the available options for transferring to another course. The course fee paid previously is non-refundable.

2. Payment  
2.1. All transactions are billed in New Zealand dollars (NZD). All displayed prices exclude taxes.  

2.2. Course fees may be subject to change without notification.  

2.3. Full payment of fees or initial instalment cost is required before Skills Campus provides access to the course material. Skills Campus accepts Credit Cards (No surcharge), PayPal, Google Pay, and Shop Pay. Cash and cheques will not be accepted.  

2.4. Upfront costs will vary per course. If the learner is using a student agreement and paying for the course by instalments, the learner agrees to pay the instalments promptly on the dates specified in the agreement irrespective of the speed at which they are studying.

2.5. Skills Campus reserves the right to remove access to course material where outstanding payments (such as instalments) are not met. All outstanding payments must be made before a certificate of completion is issued.  

2.6. Fees may not be transferred to any other person or institution.  

3. Course Materials
3.1. Once an initial instalment or full payment of a Skills Campus course has been made, the learner will be given access to our LMS (Learning Management System) – courses may be hours or multiple days in length and the completion of the course is the responsibility of the learner.  

3.2. The learner will have 3 months to access the content (apart from courses where a component within a course has been purchased that is delivered by a 3rd party. Most embedded 3rd party course additions allow 3 months access to the course materials and content). Learners will have an additional two weeks’ access to their account beyond the 3-month registration.  

3.3. Completing the course and attending classes where relevant are the responsibility of the learner and not compulsory. All reasonable efforts will be made by Skills Campus to keep learners on-track with their course.

a. ‘Special cases’ refer to those with substantial impairments on the person’s ability to complete the course work, such as a coma.  
b. ‘Learners’ refer to individuals who have purchased a Skills Campus course.  
c. ‘We’ refers to Skills Campus
d. The ‘website’ refers to www.skillscampus.co.nz
e. Courses refers to courses available on www.skillscampus.co.nz