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What are IT industry certifications?

An IT industry certification is a practical-based professional qualification that differs from an academic qualification which is theory-based. Various IT industry certification bodies such as Microsoft, CompTIA, or (ISC)² produce a range of different certifications that can lead you to different IT roles.

Why study for IT industry certifications?

An IT certification demonstrates your dedication, motivation, and technical knowledge in a specific area within the information technology field. IT certifications are often based on global professional standards and are quick to complete.

• Job security
Strengthen your CV for securing job opportunities
• Career progression
Add competitive advantages that rapidly advance your career
• Professional credibility
Validate your IT skills and experience with employers
• Stay current with new technologies
Keep up to date with current technologies within a constantly evolving IT world

IT Certification Career Pathways

Skills Campus offers various IT certification courses designed to prepare you for different certification exams. IT certifications not only give you practical skills applicable to the real world but they often take less time to study than academic qualifications. Map out the career pathway of your own choice with IT certifications.

Technical & Network Support

• Salary range: $46,000 ~ $65,000
• Demand level: High
Certification courses that lead you to this role:

Big demand for Network and Tech Support

The global pandemic cause by Covid-19 has further pushed the demand for technically skilled workers for improving customer experiences and daily operations in all business sectors. According to the recent survey results published by NZTech in July 2021 , companies of all sizes are experiencing critical shortage of digital technology workers. Large global companies such as Dell, HP, Intel, Nissan and Ricoh are actively seeking IT professionals with CompTIA certifications.

Software Developer

• Salary range: $72,000 ~ $100,000
• Demand level: High
Certification courses that lead you to this role:

Python is the hottest IT skill out there

With big tech companies such as Google, Instagram and Spotify implementing Python, knowledge and skills in the programming language is highly sought after when employing Software Developers. Gaining IT certifications such as CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Python Fundamentals can help with future employment opportunities.

Cyber Security Analyst

• Salary range: $92,000 ~ $137,000
• Demand level: High
Certification courses that lead you to this role:

High demand for Cyber Security

Listed as one of New Zealand's long-term skill shortage list, IT and Cyber Security Analyst roles boast salaries that range from $92K-$137K. Globally recognised certifications such as CompTIA can help improve chances of future employment in this field.

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