Power BI Data Analysis Professional

Course objective

Microsoft Power BI is the primary data analysis software used worldwide. Gain advanced Power BI skills to create data-backed visualizations to explore, analyze, and report insights and trends. We’ll teach you advanced analysis techniques using PowerBI that can help you analyze data from many industries.

What is included

  • Pre and post-assessment
  • Flashcards and quizzes
  • Virtual labs
  • Study planner
  • Certification of completion

Course outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Analyzing data with self-service BI
  3. Connecting to data sources
  4. Performing data cleaning, profiling, and shaping
  5. Visualizing data with Power BI
  6. Enhancing data analysis
  7. Modeling data with calculations
  8. Creating interactive visualizations
  9. Using advanced analysis techniques
  10. Enhancing reports and dashboards
  11. Publishing and sharing reports and dashboards
  12. Extending Power BI beyond the desktop