Microsoft Essential Skills

Course objective

Broaden your knowledge and skills of the Microsoft applications and some of their most highly rated, and globally recognised productivity tools. This course covers the essentials of Word, Excel & PowerPoint from creating documents, tables, and slides, to text manipulation, printing documents, sharing work, and much more. Starting from the complete basics and gradually getting more advanced, this course provides vital key shortcuts to improve productivity and efficiency.

What is included

  • Quizzes and discussions
  • Downloadable worksheets and videos
  • Study planner
  • Certification of completion

Course outline

  1. Microsoft Word
    1.1 Introduction to Word
    1.2 Basic formatting and editing
    1.3 Inserting and adding objects and tables
    1.4 Save, print and share files
    1.5 Common shortcuts keys – Productivity enhancer
    1.6 Test your knowledge
  2. Microsoft Excel
    2.1 Introduction to Excel
    2.2 Working with worksheets
    2.3 Working with data
    2.4 Save, print and share workbook
    2.5 Common shortcut keys
    2.6 Test your knowledge
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint
    3.1 Introduction to MS PowerPoint
    3.2 Slide formatting and editing
    3.4 Slide animation and transition
    3.5 Rehearse & record presentation
    3.6 Review PPT document
    3.7 Save, print and file sharing with other users
    3.8 Common shortcuts keys – Productivity enhancer
    3.9 Test your knowledge