Tailored Digital Literacy Solutions

Bring your team up to speed with the digital tools used at work.
Contact Skills Campus for a tailored training solution that increases workplace productivity and efficiency.
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Whether you are going through digital transformation or facing technical challenges, we can tailor a programme to support

  • Struggling in coping with the digital transformation?
  • Do you need to ensure all your staff members are confident and capable in using technical tools, applications, devices?
  • Looking for a balanced solution between learning and working?
  • Facing challenges in upskilling the team with recent technology such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and cloud-driven systems?  
Take advantage of our fully-funded training programmes to overcome these obstacles today.  

Common issues faced by employers:

Staff lack confidence in using digital tools
Inefficiency in performing tasks using technical devices or software
Online safety
Effective communication using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other online meeting platforms

Solutions we can help with:

Improved staff confidence level in using digital tools at workplace
Improved efficiency and productivity using existing IT tools and systems
Improved staff retention
Improved communication

Tailored Programme to Suit Your Business Needs

Our programmes are tailored to address your business and learner needs with a focus on digital literacy, communication and numeracy.

Digital Literacy Programmes

Our fully government-funded programmes are completely FREE* for eligible companies who would like to upskill a group of learners. Spaces are limited based on eligibility. We can only facilitate training for a select group of clients each quarter. Contact us today to secure your 100% FREE tailored training programme.  
*Delivered by NZSE College
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100% FREE*
for those eligible

25-80 hours of fully-funded training per employee

Tailored to groups of learners from your workplace

Experienced and qualified tutors

Flexible delivery onsite or via Zoom/Teams at a time that suits you

Customised to your business, using your inhouse materials