Why IT is your best career move in 2021

Monique Neal
December 1, 2021

Future demand for IT professionals means great job opportunities.

Now more than ever, job seekers are struggling, upskilling, and/or shifting careers. As a recently graduated university student, I have lived through the world of trying to find a job in a pandemic-influenced workforce. While there are a range of jobs that have struggled, others have been quickly recognised as growing in importance. Some of the most prevalent career opportunities currently reside in Information Technology (IT).

As technology becomes more prominent in our lives, the need for IT professionals grows. With the impact of the pandemic, the demand for IT grew exponentially as businesses faced massive shifts online. The demand exceeds the supply in most countries, with New Zealand being the greatest as IT roles remain firmly on the skill shortage list.

The demand exceeds the supply in most countries, with New Zealand being the greatest as IT roles remain firmly on the skill shortage list.

The IT world lives on the concept of certifications. CompTIA certifications are highly recognised and are essential to grow in the IT industry. Certifications prove that you have the fundamental knowledge for the job and help your CV to get through HR bot checks. Other IT professionals and employers can quickly get an idea of your skills through listing certifications. Professionals with certifications are also more likely to be promoted than those without.

There are hundreds of certifications available but knowing where to start can be a challenge. CompTIA A+ is recognised most often as the perfect starting point for a career in IT. A+ is the perfect entry-level certification to teach you the fundamental knowledge you need to succeed in any job, regardless of which area of expertise you choose to specialise in. More than 1 million professionals currently hold this certification and are qualified for life. According to Global Knowledge Training, CompTIA A+ ranked as the second most popular IT certification in 2020. CompTIA Security+ was ranked as the most popular next step.

A+ opens the door to a range of entry-level jobs such as Technical Support Specialists, Data Support Technicians, and Associate Network Engineers. As A+ teaches you a range of universally application knowledge, it helps to show you which career path you might want to follow. After completing A+ you can narrow your certification path to work towards the IT career you want. Security+ and Network+ are the most common certifications to get after A+.

Skills Campus are currently offering CompTIA A+ short courses to prepare you for the certification exam. For as little as $495, you can get access to all the course material you need to pass your A+ certification exam. Courses are available with both online and mixed learning methods and can be completed in as little as 30 hours.  

Skills Campus are also offering short courses for the CompTIA Security+ certification. This certification is perfect for a professional with a few years’ experience looking to follow the security path or to gain further certifications beyond A+. Security+ opens the doors to professional IT roles such as Dev0ps/Software Developers, Penetration Testing Experts, and Security Engineers/Analysts.