Microsoft Excel 2019 course – Do I need this?

Monique Neal
February 24, 2022

Microsoft Excel is the perfect application to put behind the saying “Work smarter, not harder”. While Excel can perform a wide range of basic functions that are essential in every business, there is a plethora of programs and functions that many are unaware of. These programs and functions within Excel have been created to save you time. The more familiar you become with these, the easier your job (and life) can become.

With the ability to use and understand advanced Excel programs and functions, your work can become streamlined in more ways than imagined, no matter the industry or purpose of your business. An advanced user of Microsoft Excel would have the ability to complete complicated tasks in a reduced number of steps (time). Functions, such as VLOOKUP, that can pull desired data from a large segment of data into a newly formed table with one simple equation.

Mastering Microsoft Excel can also lead to greater employment opportunities and professions. Having Advanced Excel skills on a CV has proven to increase your chances of securing interview opportunities. It can also lead to significant progression in professional careers in Data Analytics, Finance, and Accounting, to name a few.

When it comes to figuring out where you stand in terms of ability, it can be hard to know. Completing a course and a Microsoft certification is an ideal way to ensure that you have truly mastered Excel.

Skills Campus are offering a range of Microsoft Excel course packages for you to invest in your professional development and ‘excel’ in your career. Skills Campus’ level-based courses are designed for users with different levels of Excel expertise.

Get certified with Microsoft

Upon completion of all 3 levels of Microsoft courses with Skills Campus, you can gain all the required skillset to go for the Microsoft MO-200 exam which leads to becoming certified with the Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate (Excel and Excel 2019) certification. More information about this certification can be found here.