Webinar: Create your next career move with clarity and confidence

Linden Vazey
February 24, 2022

You did it!

Despite all the disruptions and uncertainty of such a challenging year, you finished your studies! Now it’s February and you’ve been asking yourself the same question your parents keep asking you: “What now?”

Part of the challenge is defining what career path you want.  There are so many possibilities, where to start?  

• Should you focus on a particular career path or keep your options open?  

• Take what you can get, or hold out for something that lights your fire?  

• Perhaps you should start a side-hustle while you’re searching for full-time employment?

So many options…

Imagine the clarity and confidence you could feel from having a defined goal with a step-by-step plan to achieving it.  To know why you want it, and how it aligns with your unique skills and purpose. How might that change the way you approach this next phase in your life? If you would benefit from some direction to fulfil your career potential, check out this webinar to help you create your next career move with clarity and confidence.

This webinar could be for you if:

• You scroll through job ads, applying for everything but getting nowhere

• You feel vague about what your next career move should be, or how to get there

• You think you may need some new knowledge, skills, or ideas for a different approach

Benefits of this webinar include:

• A simple step-by-step process for articulating your goal in a positive and motivating way

• Clear guidance for creating a plan to achieve that goal

• An understanding of one of the obstacles that get in your way

• Skills for adapting your mindset so you continue taking action and making progress

Your presenter, Linden Vazey, has travelled this road several times and knows what it’s like face career challenges.  As a manager and people leader, she has coached many others to make the changes they wanted in their careers.  She has also redesigned her career several times and made moves from full-time to flexi-time, contractor to consultant, and started her own coaching practice last year.  Now she helps leaders design the career and lifestyle that is authentic to who they are. At the end of this workshop, you will have a greater level of clarity of what you need to do, as well as knowledge and skills to keep you moving forward towards a new career.