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2021 Skills Campus Industry Insights
Online Webinar

Tuesday, 28th September 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Skills Campus and CompTIA have partnered to bring 2021 IT Industry Insight Online Webinar to life on 28th Sep 2021.

Skills Campus is a subcompany of New Zealand Skills and Education Group and we have reached our first-year milestone. From our launch in September 2020, Skills Campus has successfully established a partnership with the leading globally recognised IT industry certification body CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association). At Skills Campus we provided tailored training solutions to both individuals and businesses to help ensure they remain upskilled and certified for the evolving world of work.  
The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has brought challenges and opportunities for the past 20 months. At this online webinar, we would like to share with our industry partners insight on:
  • How covid-19 has changed the IT landscape
  • How employers in the IT industry will benefit from CompTIA Certifications for upskilling their teams
  • An overview of CompTIA certification pathways – CompTIA Cyber Security pathway and CompTIA Infrastructure pathway

Guest Speaker

James Stanger
CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist

James Stanger has been working at CompTIA for over 7 years and has been in the IT industry for more than 20. He has worked as a security consultant, certification programme designer, and curriculum designer. James is also an award-winning author and presenter.

Partnered with CompTIA

Skills Campus is proudly partnered with CompTIA - One of the world's leading IT professional certification providers. Our hybrid courses are designed to help prepare you get that internationally recognised CompTIA IT certification.