Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Course objective

Build on your Python knowledge and strengthen the foundations to a career in programming. This course will cover common data structures and algorithms in Python and gain skills on topics like object-oriented programming, algorithm analysis, graph algorithms, array-based sequences, memory management, text processing, linked lists, and recursions and more.

What is included

  • Interactive eBook
  • Pre and post assessment
  • Flashcards and quizzes
  • Virtual labs
  • Study planner
  • Certification of completion

Course outline

  1. Python primer
  2. Object-oriented programming
  3. Algorithm analysis
  4. Recursion
  5. Array-based sequences
  6. Stacks, queues, and deques
  7. Linked lists
  8. Trees
  9. Priority queues
  10. Maps, hash tables, and skip lists
  11. Search trees
  12. Sorting and selection
  13. Text processing
  14. Graph algorithms
  15. Memory management and B-Trees
  16. Appendix A: Character strings in Python
  17. Appendix B: Useful mathematical facts