Beginning HTML5 and CSS3

Course objective

Learn the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3 course to enhance your coding skills. This course will cover essential knowledge and skills in HTML5, CSS3, new structural elements, transformation, transition, animation, and many more.

What is included

  • Interactive eBook
  • Pre and post assessment
  • Flashcards and quizzes
  • Virtual labs
  • Study planner
  • Certification of completion

Course outline

  1. HTML5: Now, not 2022
  2. Your first plunge into HTML5
  3. New structural elements
  4. A richer approach to marking up content
  5. Rich media
  6. Paving the way for web applications
  7. CSS3, here and now
  8. Keeping your markup slim using CSS selectors
  9. A layout for every occasion
  10. Improving web typography
  11. Putting CSS3 properties to work
  12. Transforms, transitions, and animation
  13. The future of CSS or, awesome stuff that's coming
  14. Video tutorials