Web Safety Skills

Learn basic tips and tricks on how to protect you and other from online attacks
This course is great for beginners who are interested in technology and how they can protect themselves from cyber threats and attacks.
Worth of quality web security content.
A lifetime worth of knowledge to implement in your everyday living.
Packed with content to help you learn simple habits, tips and tricks to protect and prevent online malicious attacks.

Why do you need

Web Safety Skills?

Learn how to protect yourself and others against online attacks or threats with our Web Safety course. If you're a concerned user who is worried about your personal data being leaked, then this course is imperative for understanding the fundamental security principles of the web.

This course covers the basics of Cyber Security topics such as Cryptography, Cloud Security and Risk Management. You will learn how to protect and backup your data, stay safe from scams, keep safe online, and much more. After successfully completing this course, you will understand basic online security practices, the importance of cyber security, how it works, and when to apply it.

What you will learn?

Essential Cyber Security
Everyday Security - Home
Everyday Security - Office
Data Backups
The wonderful world of Wi-Fi
Keeping data a secret

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