Microsoft Excel Evening Class

Microsoft Excel Evening Class by Neeraj Kumar

What's in this course?

1. Goal Setting
2. CV Development
3. Interview Skills
4. Job Searching Tips
1. Goal Setting
3. Interview Skills
2. CV Development
4. Job Searching Tips
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  • What's in this course?
  • 1. Introduction to Excel
  • 2. Working with worksheets
  • 3. Working with data and functions  
  • 4. Save, print and sharing files with other users  
  • 5. Common shortcuts keys – productivity enhancer
Note: this course gives you 3 months access to course content and includes our FREE Employability Skills course and access to additional learning in materials, tests and quizzes. 
Beginner level

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About this course

Learn the basic fundamentals of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a key software application worldwide for businesses and is widely used for calculations, analysis, stocks, reporting and more. Knowledge and experience with Excel has become vital for most office based professionals today. This course provides you with the fundamental knowledge of Excel's diverse functions and applications to help improve your productivity and efficiency.

This programme is delivered face-to-face at our Auckland CBD Campus.

What will you learn

  • Familarise yourself with the Microsoft Excel interface, templates and learn how to quickly access tools and features
  • How to create mathematical formulas and work with relative and absolute references
  • Formulate text, cells and rows within a spreadsheet
  • Vital key shortcuts to improve productivity

After successfully completing this course, you will have an basic understanding of Microsoft Excel 2016/2019.

  • Course Outline

  • Module
  1. Introduction to Excel
  2. Working with Worksheet 
  3. Working with data and function
  4. Save, Print and Sharing file with other users 
  5. Common Shortcuts keys – Productivity enhancer

Who should take this course?
Someone who is new to Microsoft Excel or has limited knowledge of the application.

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Essential Level
3hrs in class
2hrs self paced

Meet your trainer

Neeraj Kumar
Microsoft and IT Specialist
Neeraj Kumar is our Microsoft and IT trainer with 12 years' experience in teaching Business Administration and Information Technology. He has spent his career teaching both students and professionals invaluable knowledge in office software tools and applications.

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