Learn the essential fundamentals of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

This course is great for beginners who haven't used any Microsoft products before or looking to improve their current skills in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
hours worth of content to go through.
Work on them on your own time or smash them out of the park in a few days.
Modules packed with content to help you learn time-saving Microsoft tips and tricks that would be sure to come in handy in your job.


Microsoft Essential Skills?

This is the perfect course for those who need a good grounding in 3 key Microsoft applications.

These software packages are universally used in almost all businesses, schools and organisations – large or small. Knowing these applications could help you pivot into a new career or simply give you the confidence you’re looking for to apply for roles you might normally not.

This online course can help you build relevant knowledge and skills in the core Microsoft Office software applications for business. You'll learn tips and techniques on how to use all 3 applications including: how to create documents and templates, common Excel functions used in day-to-day business and get to grips with building presentations that can really impress in PowerPoint

What you will learn?

Microsoft Word

  • Create Word documents
  • Techniques to create dynamic layouts
  • Preparing documents for printing and exporting
  • Format documents effectively using Word Styles
  • Control page formatting and flow
  • Create and Manage Table Layouts
  • Work with Tab Stops to Align Content Properly
  • Perform Mail Merges to create Mailing Labels and Form Letters
  • Build and Deliver Word Forms
  • Manage Templates
  • Track and Accept/Reject Changes to a Document

Microsoft Excel

  • Familarise yourself with the Microsoft Excel interface, templates andlearn how to quickly access tools and features
  • How to create mathematical formulas and work with relative andabsolute references
  • Formulate text, cells and rows within a spreadsheet
  • Vital key shortcuts to improve productivity

Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Create a fully-animated and transition-filled business presentation
  • Rapidly improve your workflow and design skills
  • Minimize text quantity on presentations by using graphs and images

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