Employability Skills - On-site Sessions

Auckland CBD On-site and Online Sessions Available - Contact us for more information

What's in this course?

1. Goal Setting
2. CV Development
3. Interview Skills
4. Job Searching Tips
1. Goal Setting
3. Interview Skills
2. CV Development
4. Job Searching Tips
  • What's in this course?
  • 1. CV development
  • 2. Interview techniques
  • 3. Job seeking strategies
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Join us at our Auckland CBD Campus or stream online our Employability Session. Talk with our resident expert David Sharples on all things employability.
*Note: this service does not include access to our LMS (Learning Management System).
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Our session will be at our Skills Campus HQ

Level 8 - 242 Queen Street, Auckland CBD

Easy parking on Kitchener Street Wilson Parking, Victoria Street Car Park.
More sessions coming soon 2021: 6.15pm - 8.15PM
Beginner level

About this course

This FREE on-campus Masterclass is the 1st of 3 in our Work-Ready Series.

These sessions can guide better employability outcomes for you by helping you focus on building a CV that better speaks to your personal brand, insights for effective job seeking and interview techniques that can help you when talking with potential employers.
You'll learn tips and techniques on how to use your CV as a tool to help you navigate your career journey and unlock more interview opportunities. A CV gets you an interview - an interview gets you a job! So a good CV is extremely beneficial. Skills Campus is dedicated to helping grow peoples skills and employability - and we'd love to see you here.

What will you learn

  • CV development - creating a tailored CV showcasing your individual brand and experience
  • Purpose of your CV – the role your CV plays in your job search
  • Gain interview techniques that keep you focused, keep your nerves at bay and allow you to get your key points across to potential employers
  • Tips and pointers on navigating the job market and what to look for in potential roles that better suit your skills
  • A chance to meet new people and share experiences
  • Who should attend these sessions?

These sessions is for those looking to pivot in a career-sense or feel they need more advice and guidance on employability.
CBD Session

Meet your trainer

David Sharples
AMCDANZ - Career Services
David Sharples is our resident employability trainer with 7 years' experience in HR and recruitment. He has spent his career supporting professionals in navigating their career journey and unlocking their career potential.